Sweet Salt

Modesty is our mission, and fashion is our passion.

Years ago, a team of women came together with a mission: to make women feel confident and beautiful with modest and fashionable clothes. Designed specially for women by women, Sweet Salt also has select styles in curvy sizes and accessories to complete your look.

Why modesty?

Modest fashion isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle. As women designing for women, we understand how hard it is to find clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. We know modesty shouldn’t compromise fashion, and fashion shouldn’t compromise modesty. With this belief sewn into all of our clothing, our dresses, skirts, tops, and shorts are the perfect blend of trending styles and modest cuts, leaving you feeling beautiful, comfortable, and empowered for every event in life.
Far West Books and Gifts (now known as Fountain Books) carried modest clothing for years, including the opening an independent women’s boutique at one point which was an extension of the bookstore. The boutique was a regional attraction offering modest missionary attire, layering t shirts, and formal wear including prom dresses. Unfortunately, when Far West Books became Fountain Books, a licensed dealer for Deseret Book, the clothing line was discontinued altogether in 2015. Sensing a need in the market however, the owners of Fountain Books continued to monitor the industry and reach out to vendors to find the right opportunity to bring a similar boutique back to the area. When Fountain Books moved in 2018 to a new retail space, they did so with the intention of again opening a side by side clothing boutique next to the book store. Around that same time, Sweet Salt Modest Clothing was expanding their brand and was open to partnering with us in Kennewick. The result of the collaboration is what you will see today when you step through our doors – Fountain Books and Sweet Salt Modest Clothing side by side under the same roof!